We're looking for talent to partner with us in order to give our players a great experience by developing our in-house technology, the KT Engine and also to help us improve our development tools.

Working at Kylotonn means joining a fast-growing development studio and winning a chance to work on internationally-recognised motor sports video game licences and, above all, the opportunity to develop your talents as part of an incredible team of enthusiasts.


Take a look at our current vacancies and internships.

For the year 2023, Kylotonn achieves a score of  86/100 the gender equality index, which is the result of 4 mandatory indicators set out in the French law "Pour la liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel" ("For the freedom to choose one's professional future"). This score is the result of the following 4 indicators: the pay gap indicator (38/40), the individual increment rate gap indicator (35/35), the number of employees of the under-represented gender in the 10 highest earners (0/10) and the % indicator of female employees increased after returning from maternity leave (incalculable)) because we had no return from maternity leave during the reference period.

For more information, see the information published by the Ministry of Labour here.




The qualities we look for in our candidates include :

As an expert in C/C++, you are inventive when it comes to finding optimisation solutions (cache miss, SIMD, etc.) and real-time rendering (TXAA, DOF, etc.).

With a real appetite for gameplay, you have a good grasp of C/C++ and are in tune with game design to add your own dose of fun and work on the quality of the car dynamics.

You will be responsible for creating and developing level editing, route creation and procedural generation tools, and will support our artists in production.

As a true designer, you enjoy creating game levels, making your top priority an unforgettable player experience.

With a passion for the environment, you'll be an expert at creating and placing 3D objects around roads in countries ranging from China to the United States, while respecting the art direction and maintaining overall visual coherence.

As a vehicle enthusiast, you excel at modelling and texturing racing cars and motorbikes of all makes before integrating them into our engine.

You have the managerial instincts to unite your team around objectives that match the vision of our games.