The wait is almost over!

After a ARG campaign where players were able to discover more about the game's lore, Nacon and Kylotonn are very proud to present their new 'Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown' trailer! The trailer reveals not only the release date, but also the opening of pre-orders. Set on a 1:1 scale recreation of Hong Kong Island, the game promises an immersive experience with a variety of environments, from bustling city streets to serene coastal roads.

Release date revealed

Fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting this announcement: Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will be launched on 12 September 2024. This release date marks an important moment for the franchise, which returns 13 years after Test Drive Unlimited 2. 

Pre-orders now online

Alongside the release date announcement, pre-orders for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown have officially begun. Players can choose from several editions of the game, some offering unique bonuses and exclusive content.

Pre-order here!

You can pre-order the game at Steam, PS Store or Microsoft store

May 30, 2024