The first 2023 edition of NACON Connect has just concluded, and with it its share of announcements, gameplay footage and new information about the year's catalog. 16 games were highlighted during the online conference including several sports, racing and action adventure games.

During the conference, videos revealed many details about the actual in-game experience for several titles. Some of the games announced at the previous NACON Connect conference revealed their gameplay for the first time. These included Ravenswatch, which goes on early access on 6 April, Gangs of Sherwood, with its explosive gameplay, and RoboCop: Rogue City, which shows off its investigative dimension and confirms its resolutely FPS experience.

Several sports game announcements have been made and a new release window for Ad Infinitum has been shared.

Finally, on 9 March, no less than four NACON games were released: Clash: Artifacts of Chaos, Transport Fever 2: Console Edition, as well as Session: Skate Sim and Train Life - A Railway Simulator, which are available on Nintendo SwitchTM today.

Fans can now find exclusive gameplay and interviews with the developers on the Steam pages of most of the games

March 10, 2023